What can’t this man do with the football? Ronaldinho is surely one of the greatest players to have stepped on a football pitch. He never shattered goal-scoring records like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo week in, week out.  His best spell as a player was over by the time he was 27. What he did was play the ‘Beautiful Game’ with child-like enthusiasm, disarming grin. While there are several footballers who can be very good in the training ground, they do come a cropper during a game.

For Ronaldinho, mazy tricks were an expression, even an extension of himself. The Brazilian World Cup winner has gone off the boil since his Barcelona days and has been a journeyman — in and out of his country. The man’s charm continues to draw in crowds and here he is, greeted by thousands of Fluminese fans in a packed Marcana stadium: