The women’s rivalry that has defined the post-diva revolution came to an end when on Monday night’s edition of WWE Raw, Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte in a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the brand new Raw Women’s Champion. The victory marks Sasha’s third reign as champion. Banks and Charlotte clashed with each other for the second time on Monday, as the first match went to a double countout so Mick Foley ordered the match would be restarted as a no disqualification, no countout, falls count anywhere match.

During the downtime, Sasha announced to Bayley that she would be dedicating her match to Charlotte’s own father, Ric Flair, after Charlotte had disgraced him several months earlier. As with their historic Hell In A Cell performance, the restart would take place during RAW’s main event.

We thought we’d seen everything these ladies had to offer in their previous encounters, but there was more to come as they took full advantage of the new stipulations. Sasha started with using a kendo stick from under the ring to assault Charlotte. Then, Queen of WWE, Charlotte responded by dragging Sasha down the ramp and hitting a moonsault off the RAW announce table for a near fall. Sasha went back to work with a round of brutal kendo stick shots to the back before the action spilt into the stands.

Banks then wrapped Charlotte around a handrail in the stands and made her tap out to the Banks Statement. After the match, the Nature Boy’s music hit and Ric Flair came down to raise the hand of his daughter’s nemesis, the new WWE Women’s World Champion.

Overall, it was a great match with a pretty creative finish and this marks Banks’ third reign with the RAW Women’s Championship as she ends Charlotte’s third reign at 29 days.