Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick against Spain helped Portugal draw the match against a formidable team, in a Group B encounter. CR7, who was coming back to the team after an ankle injury was in red-hot form.

But CR7’s Real Madrid-teammate Sergio Ramos could not keep a lid on the force of CR7 on the day was spotted mocking the Portugal star during Spain’s latest practice session. Ramos and Nacho was trying to emulate the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo tripped and a penalty was awarded. That penalty meant CR7 put Portugal in the lead.

Here is the video where you can see the Spanish footballers mocking CR7.

The match also saw Spanish keeper David De Gea concede a goal via howler. That was the second goal of the night for Ronaldo. The keeper David De Gea was also party to mocking CR7 along with Ramos. The third and final goal which was an equaliser came through a free-kick that gave no chance for the Spanish keeper to get behind it.

It was a game dominated by Ronaldo as he so often does, steals the show. Portugal would dearly hope his unbelievable run continues and Portugal can go deep in the tournament.

Spain in the meanwhile, would like a win in their next encounter against Iran on Wednesday. Portugal on the other hand plays Morocco in their next encounter and the Portugal team has also started training. Both teams should in all likelihood make it to the Round of 16, but nothing can be predicting keeping the unpredictability of the matches so far.