Thiruvananthapuram MP and senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has introduced a Private Members Bill, titled the Sports (Online Gaming and Prevention of Fraud) Bill in the lower house of parliament. Also Read - After Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Govt Mulls Banning Online Gambling Games | Decision Soon

The bill, which was introduced on Friday, aims to introduce an effective administration to maintain the integrity of sports in India by preventing and penalising sports fraud and for regulation of online sports gaming. Also Read - Obama Doesn't Mention PM Modi 'by Name at All' in His Book But Praises Manmohan Singh: Shashi Tharoor

“The integrity of sports is essential to preserve its beneficial aspects. Sports integrity is increasingly under threat due to unabated acts of fraud and corruption. My Bill addresses this issue by criminalising sports fraud, including match fixing and spot fixing,” Tharoor said in a statement. Also Read - Did You Notice a Device Hanging Around Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's Neck? It is Your Wearable Air Purifier 24/7

“Sports is a major source of commerce and revenue for many entities, especially in the field of betting or gaming in connection with sporting events. The increasing commercial nature of sports, increases the possibility of sports manipulation by vested interests to make financial benefits. A complete prohibition on betting on sports has not been a successful approach, rather it has driven the market further into the black economy,” the statement added.

“The law must adopt a regulatory approach and effectively demarcate the lines of permissible conduct in the field of betting or gaming in connection with a sporting event. My Bill provides the framework to make this possible.”