11-year-old Tiluck Keisam, a limbo skater who holds a Guinness Book of World Record and a Limca Book of Record on Monday added another feather to his cap. He attempted a new feat at Slalom Waveboarding event with skates and harnessed a fresh world record. He covered 5 laps where 97 cones were placed as hurdles at a gap of 1 meter each. Therefore covering a total distance of 485 meters in a single run within a record time of 3 minutes 40 seconds. Also Read - 'Childhood Hero' Diego Maradona Inspired me to Take up Football: Bhaichung Bhutia

Tiluck attempted another record at longest distance Slalom Wave boarding, where he covered 40 laps with 97 cones placed at a distance of 1 meter each. Hence covered a total distance of 3,880 meters. Also Read - Meet Mumbai's Devika N. Rotawan, 8-year-old girl who helped seal Ajmal Kasab's fate

Srifort sports complex witnessed the mesmerising event by Tiluck Keisam on May 20. These were the first of its kind attempts by an Indian child. Also Read - ED Arrests Cox & Kings Promoter Peter Kerkar in Money Laundering Case

A formal application has been sent to Limca and Guinness book of world records to get the records registered.

Tiluck started skating when he was 4 years old and has been passionately following it till present.

Tiluck practices skating daily at least for 4 hrs daily to achieve new milestones. The young boy is a student of standard VI in renowned New Delhi school. However, it is a tough job for his parents to strike a balance between his studies and passion. Tiluck wants to work hard on his passion so that he participates in Olympic for the nation and bring laurels for the country.

Apart from sports Tiluck is also a meritorious student and has been a source of inspiration for many. Dhairya Chowdhry another student of the same age who draws his inspiration from Tiluck started practicing the art of skating and keenly developed an interest for the same.

Dhairya also attempted to set records in two events, firstly fastest time Slalom Waveboarding with skates and secondly Fastest Time Slalom Waveboarding. He covered a distance of 30 meters where 30 cones were placed as hurdles at a distance of 1 meter each in 10.28 seconds. In the second event without skates, the same was achieved distance with cones was achieved in a time span of 9.01 seconds.

Contributed by: Karan Singh, Wion.