Former Kerala cricketer Jayamohan Thampi passed away on Monday at the age of 64, under suspicious circumstances. Now, after the autopsy was conducted on his body, the report indicated an injury in his head, which meant the doubts grew. However, in an interesting turn of events on Tuesday, the police decided to arrest his son, Aswin Thampi. Also Read - #JusticeForJyoti Trends on Twitter As Ex-Army Man Allegedly Rapes-Murders Minor Dalit Girl in Bihar

On Monday morning after the dead body of the cricketer was found in his room after neighbours living on the ground floor of the house, made a complaint about a stench that was all over the place in the locality. What was more surprising for the cops was when Aswin said that he had not noticed his father’s body, despite it being there for 36 hours. Also Read - We All Got Carried Away After NatWest Final Win, Says Sourav Ganguly

The officer investigating the case revealed that the father and the son had a habit of consuming alcohol together. On the fateful night as well, the father-son duo took a drink and while Aswin asked his father for his ATM card to purchase more alcohol, it was then that things took an ugly turn confirmed the investigating officer. Also Read - Stand by What I Said in 2016 About Love I Received From India: Shahid Afridi

“The father and son had a habit of regularly consuming alcohol together at home. On Saturday too, they consumed liquor. Aswin, who possessed Jayamohan Thampi’s debit card, wanted to withdraw money from the ATM to buy more liquor, which Thampi refused. This made way for a brawl between them, the officer was quoted as saying by TOI.

“They brawled on the verandah of the house, where Thampi slipped and fell, banging his face against the floor. He lay there for some time until his son came back and dragged his body back inside the house. Then, he continued to consume liquor until he passed out,” he added.