Delhi, May 10: Former Indian women’s football team captain Sona Chaudhary came up with few sensational and shocking revelations in her new book ‘Game in Game’. Sona wrote about how team management, coach and secretary harassed the female players of the squad. She launched her book ‘Game in Game’ at Varanasi. Also Read: CAS cuts Michel Platini’s ban from football to 4 yearsAlso Read - It's payback time for me: Bembem Devi

Sona Chaudhary wrote about the shameful incidents happened with female players. She also said that team coach and secretary used to force the players to compromise for a place in the team. Sona revealed in her novel that to avoid getting harassed and abused, payers act like a lesbian. According to Sona whether it is state level or national level ,football team women players have to face mental torture  as well as adjust to certain compromises.

She also revealed during away tours the beds of coaches and staff members were placed in women’s rooms despite the complaints made to authorities. Sona suffered career ending injury to her knee and backbone in 1998 Asia Cup. After successful surgery she settled in Varanasi in 2002, announcing premature retirement.