Watching cricket and having pizza simultaneously could be a delicious dream come true for many fans and especially if the there is another surprise involved along with that. Pizza Hut recently teamed up with Rannvijay Singha for a cricket challenge event in Kolkata. The cricketing fans that saw Rannvijay playing and smashing the ball were then given hot pizzas by Pizza Hut delivery boys.

The surprise didn’t end there after the pizza was delivered and the fans started relishing them another surprise was underway. Some fans then tried their hand on batting while other onlookers cheered. The Pizza Hut delivery boys that stood on the sides of the net, and then Rannvijay invited a Pizza Hut delivery boy who was making gestures of batting. This seemingly innocuous move that led to the person wearing the Pizza hut uniform into the net and what happened next surprised everyone even further. There was a sense of familiarity with how this man swung his bat.

Check it out:

Soon the fans saw this person unleash his batting skills in the cricketing net and got everyone intrigued as to who it is. After scoring six sixes Rannvijay walked into the nets and asked for a selfie, what happened next will shock you.

The Pizza Hut player started removing prosthetics from his face and revealed his face, it was none other than the Bengal tiger, Saurav Ganguly. The crowd started shouting and screaming with excitement. They rushed to towards him for selfies and screamed “Dada, Dada…!”

This video also shows how Saurav got prosthetic make-up done in an OB van for surprising his fans. He sported a beard, a fake nose, Pizza Hut uniform and completely transformed his look.