Out-of-favour India cricketer Suresh Raina discussed the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. During a conversation with Aakash Chopra during the coronavirus lockdown, Raina said both had different approaches to succeed. Also Read - Respect Virat Kohli, But do Not Fear Him: Naseem Shah

He felt Kohli wants to win every match, whereas Tendulkar brings a sense of calmness for everyone around him. Also Read - Couldn't Sleep The Night Before my Test Debut: Suresh Raina

“Sachin and Virat, they both score a lot of hundreds, Virat wants to win every game. And Sachin wants to make sure everything is very calm,” Raina said. Also Read - When You Look at Virat Kohli, You're Thinking Male Model, Pin-up Boy: Ian Gould

“With Sachin, it’s always about his calmness. It was because of Sachin that we won the World Cup. He was the guy who made everyone in the team believe that we can do that, He was like the second coach in the team,” he added.

Hailing Kohli as a good captain and a fit cricketer, Raina felt glad he had played with both of them.

“And Virat, he has been amazing in all formats. He has been a very good captain. He has been hitting the ball very well. He is very fit, very positive and he has the aura around him. I am glad I have played with both of them,” he further added.

Barcelona fan-Raina compared Lionel Messi to Tendulkar and said both of them are down-to-earth and humble.

“I am a big fan of Messi. He is so down to earth, Both Sachin and Messi are very good when it comes to taking care of people around them because in sports you need to be really humble,” he said.