Farokh Engineer’s controversial remarks continue to invite sharp rebuttals with Committee of Administrators (CoA) member and former India international Diana Edulji terming his knowledge of cricket ‘poor’.

Speaking to an English daily, Engineer had lashed out at current five-member panel of India selectors and CoA. He questioned their credentials, calling for the inclusion of more experienced cricketers in such committees.

His comments weren’t taken lightly with current India captain Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma posting a lengthy reply on her social media accounts after Engineer claimed to have witnessed one of India selectors serving her cups of tea at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England. Then, chairman of selectors MSK Prasad advised him to act his age and not derive ‘sadistic pleasure out of indulging in petty talks’.

Now, Edulji has also slammed the former wicketkeeper-batsman who played 46 Tests. “He is an old friend. For someone whom I have known for years, I am surprised that his knowledge of cricket is so poor. I wish he had thought a bit before making such a foolish statement. I don’t want to say further because I respect his cricket and he should respect the cricket that I have played,” Edulji, who played 20 Tests and 34 ODIs, told PTI.

The 82-year-old though clarified his remarks on Anushka saying he made them in a jest.

Edulji further asked Engineer to not discriminate between men’s and women’s cricket and not get personal by questioning the amount of cricket played by the members of BCCI selectors. “Whether it is women’s cricket or men’s cricket, one should not discriminate between the two,” said the 63-year-old. “He should not get personal. A selector is a selector whether he has played one Test or 100. I would just advise him that in the twilight zone of his life he should learn to watch his words and not put his foot in his mouth. There is not much difference between numbers of international games we both have played.”