The Japanese giant Yokohama Tyres has returned to 2020 season of the Indian National Rally Championship and are confident for their comeback after a gap of four years. With an impressive line-up consisting of Chetan Shivram, Denn Thimayya, Lokesh Gowda, Vaibhav Marathe and Arjun Rao, Team Yokohama are one of the favourites in their comeback season. Also Read - India’s Rally King Gaurav Gill Wins Popular Rally for 5th Time

Yokohama Tyres Head of Marketing in India, Gaurav Mahajan talked about their much-hyped comeback in the INRC after four years. Also Read - Gill glides to sixth INRC title

“It dates back to certain things first of all the heritage and the DNA of Yokohama Global so because globally Yokohama is synonymous and participates in loads of Motorsport events. And in the past Yokohama had also been associated with the Motorsports against but as far as the INRC is concerned we were Partners and we participated in 2016, where we won and after that, there was a gap of few years,” Gaurav Mahajan told Also Read - Team MRF signs Chris Atkinson for APRC

He further talked about the philosophy of Team Yokohama and said they focus on how motorists get maximum from the motoring lifestyle.

“So basically at Yokohama we strongly feel that our products can make what add value and they can get the motorists gets the maximum from the motoring lifestyle. So it is not only a just travel from point A to point B. So the motoring lifestyle people who are passionate about cars were passionate about driving so we are very much standing by that philosophy. So a Global and of course that this is the mind of customers mindset that we are talking about wearing we want the position of Brand wedding we help motorists to get maximum from their motoring lifestyle and INRC being the apex or the highest order of the motorsports events in India. So this is the reason we have associated With INRC currently four-fold for participants are running on Yokohama rally test and of course you would like to go a long way with the Motorsports in India as well,” he added.

For Team Yokohama, Thimmaiya will be competing in INRC 1 category driving the R2 Cedia, while Gowda and Chetan driving Cedia and Polo respectively will be leading their team’s charge in the INRC 2 category.

Arjun will be Yokohama’s guy in the Category 3 driving a Polo while Marathe will represent them in INRC 4 driving a City -VTEC.

Being the defending champion of INRC there has been a lot of hype around Chetan to which Mahajan is confident of the ace-motorist.

Mahajan further talked about Chetan’s role in Team Yokohama and said he will also mentor the young members of the group.

“Chetan Shivram started with two-wheelers, then he got into the rallying in early 2000s. So almost 15-20 years, hee’s been rallying and in fact, he was one of the first guys to have founded a professional rally school as well. He has already mentored about 250 motorsports Enthusiast. So with this kind of experience, of course, people around them and especially if you see it’s a mixed bag wherein we have a young guy has Arjuna Rao and seasoned people like Denn and Chetan. So certainly we had we have a lot of hopes How it happens and how does he perform we are sure his presence is really going to add a lot of value. Not of not only in terms of how does he perform but also in mentoring people around him either who are members of the Group,” Mahajan said.

He also hinted a future collaboration with the Motorsports Managers from Japan variant to get some global exposure to Motorsports in India.

“I mean COVID-19 it’s very difficult to comment. But we may also invite some Motorsports Managers from Japan variant. They can also interact with the members who are participating we can also understand the conditions of the rallying in India because they have a global exposure when it comes to Motorsports,” Mahajan conlcuded.