Indian tennis star Sania Mirza backed German striker Mesut Ozil’s retirement move. She was among the many sports personalities that stood by the Arsenal striker. The 5-time ‘German National Footballer of The Year’ called his retirement following racism claims. Sania Mirza took to Twitter to express her opinions on this issue. Her tweet read, “This is the saddest thing to read as an athlete, and more importantly as a human being .. you are right about one thing @MesutOzil1088 racism should not and will not be accepted under any circumstance.. sad if all this is true ..” Also Read - European Super League: All Six Premier League Clubs Withdraw From Breakaway League

Ozil cited racism as the biggest factor for his decision to not play for Germany ever.

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“I used to wear the German shirt with such pride and excitement, but now I don’t. The decision has been extremely difficult to make… But when high-ranking DFB officials treat me as they did, disrespect my Turkish roots and selfishly turn me into political propaganda, then enough is enough,” Ozil said in a statement announcing his retirement.

Here are the three tweets by the footballer.

Meanwhile, the football fraternity stood with the former Real Madrid number 10, a player who was born and raised in Germany and his talent was nurtured by German league Bundesliga where he made his mark with Schalke football Club before joining Cristiano Ronaldo and company with Real Madrid.

Mesut Ozil joined Arsenal in 2014 on a record-breaking deal of 42.5 million euros, where he plays currently.