With less than three months to go for the Rio Olympics, one expected a better buzz for the event here in India. But sadly, that has not been the case. It is only the controversies that have made any news. What India really needs is the athletes to be in spotlight for the right reasons. Meanwhile, India should aim at a watershed Olympic games. It is not going to be easy as there will be stiff competition but the Indian contingent should be a disappointed lot if they do not push India’s medal count towards double digits.

We cannot expect medals galore but a decent performance will not be bad. India have never won more than one gold at any of the games and 2016 may be a good year to do a first in that sense. Shooting, badminton, tennis, wrestling and boxing, there are several sports where hopes will be there and now it is up to the athletes to bring the laurels. It is not going to be easy with respect to expectations also kicking in. We all know how intense the Olympics can get and emotions run deep but fans will still expect.

Nobody remembers controversies or problems, it all comes down to medals. How many did your country win will be a common question. So over to the athletes. They know hopefully how to shut the controversies and go for glory. The question is if Indian sport is ready. We do not see much change from one games to the other.