The Undertaker is back!

The most intriguing World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) personality is now on social sphere. Thank god, we will now finally get a glimpse of his inner world. The Undertaker has finally got on Instagram and that should be a huge reason to cheer for his fans. Mark William Calaway alias The Undertaker is an iconic figure in the world of WWE. The living legend finally got an official account on Instagram on May 31. He has uploaded just one picture as the ‘Deadman’ and the picture is hell scary.

The Instagram bio of the legend read, “Official Page of The Deadman”. What a statement, it seems he has purposely came up with that to keep scaring his fans as that is what increases the popularity in WWE. All these years, we knew The Undertaker as a very private person, hence it is a surprise to see him finally get a social media account. We can only hope he is active because that would keep his fans interested and excited.

Currently, our protagonist’s (The Undertaker) profile follows only the University of Texas Longhorns Football Team and of course his wife Michelle McCool-Calaway. The 53-year-old star is yet to have an official Facebook/ Twitter account. Hopefully, we will see him give that a shot as well. Let us say this is just the beginning and exciting things are in store for the near future.

Here is the first post of The Undertaker from his Instagram account.

The Deadman

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