Brett Lee has said that there were times when Sachin Tendulkar left Shane Warne frustrated after successfully negotiating the Australian’s every move to get him out. Also Read - Sara Tendulkar Politely Hits Back at Troll Who Mocked Her For Wasting Dad Sachin Tendulkar's Money

Lee, an Australian great himself, praised Tendulkar for his ability to read bowlers out of their hand and employing different techniques to play different deliveries   “The way Sachin used to read bowlers out of their hand, the different technique he used to play different balls was pure class,” Lee said on Star Sports’ Cricket Connected. Also Read - IPL 2021: Will Cheteshwar Pujara Do Well in T20s? Brett Lee Responds

Lee says Warne, Test cricket’s second most prolific wicket-taker, hated the manner in which Tendulkar would bat against him even as he bamboozled other batsmen. Also Read - Say Anything Bad About Virat Kohli And You Get Absolutely Hounded: Pat Cummins

“There were times when Warne would try and get the trajectory a bit different through the air and sometimes, he would try and get a few balls to drop. Every time he would try the subtle variations, there was only Sachin who would pick them up. Warne would bamboozle batsmen around the world, but Sachin would watch the hand much better than most of the other batsmen. Warne hated it, he would come back and say that he tried everything to get Sachin out, but he couldn’t,” Lee said.

Shedding light on the technique Tendulkar employed against Warne, Lee explained, “He used to advance down the wicket a few times and invited Warne to bowl a fraction too short. Sometimes, he would wait patiently on the back foot and play those beautiful shots. It was almost like he was playing cat and mouse with Warne and not many batsmen can play cat and mouse with Shane Warne because he’s so talented. But on days, Sachin Tendulkar was toying with Warne and that does not happen often.”

Recalling his first brush with Tendulkar on the cricket field, Lee said after dismissing the batting legend, he was so happy that the match didn’t matter to him.

“I was 22 years when I got my first opportunity to play against the Little Master. I nicked him off and I thought I’m done. I didn’t care about a Test match since I was so happy to get Sachin Tendulkar out,” the 43-year-old said.