Faking in football is passe!

Recently, we saw another example of faking in football. It was the Tunisian goalkeeper who was spotted during a World Cup warm-up match against Turkey, trying to fake an injury. One must admit that this was fixed as an understanding has been made ahead of the game. So why did a goalie resort to faking of an injury. Well, he did so because it is the month of Ramzan and in bit to help his teammates to break the fast he resorted to this extreme measure.

It was the 49th-minute if the game when the incident took place. Apparently, Tunisian goalkeeper Mouez Hassen went down following a ‘minor collision’ while facing up to a corner shot.  It was a ‘minor collision’, and that was evident. According to the reports, Mouez Hassen faked his injury in order to help his teammates break their Ramadan fast, one can surely say a friend in need is a friend in deed.

Soon after he fell down, the referee signaled for a short-break to provide treatment to Tunisian goalkeeper. In the meanwhile, his teammates took the opportunity and rushed to the touchline and were seen drinking water and eating dates.

Here’s the footage of the infamous incident:

According to some reports on social media, it states that the players had an “understanding” with the goalkeeper about the fake injury to help break their fast during Ramzan.

It’s not the first time that such incidents had happened on the football ground and it is not going to be the last for sure.