The expectations have reached fever pitch for what will be the 15th edition of the European Championships.  For the first time, there will be as many as 24 teams playing in the tournament, who will be divided into six groups, with four teams each. As always, there is the age old ‘Group of Death’. Here, one can safely say that there are a couple of them. That is clearly because World Champions, Germany and Spain, who are chasing a third consecutive title, have slipped in the pecking order. Hosts France are one of the favourites and England have a young, attacking side at their disposal. Group E, comprising of Italy, Belgium, Republic of Ireland and Sweden look like one of the toughest of groups. Also Read: Euro 2016 – Complete list of teams & groups for 15th edition of tournamentAlso Read - Omicron Response: List of Countries That Have Put Travel Restrictions To African Nations

There will be three countries from the British Isles playing in the tournament — England, Northern Ireland and Wales — and two of the aforementioned three are pitted against each other in the same group. France, on home soil, have won a Euro and a World Cup. There are plenty of expectations that the side may well go on to replicate the feat for a third consecutive time. Spain’s title defense has been on a shaky ground; the panache of Xavi, Xabi Alonso, and Andres Iniesta is clearly missing from the team. Nonetheless, they are two-time champions for a reason. Also Read - Omicron Variant Detected In Germany, Mutations Found In Passenger From South Africa

It remains to be seen what the likes of Italy, who were beaten finalists last time round, can do. Germany are power-packed as usual. Belgium are another side who are constantly on the rise. Group E, with Republic of Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Sweden have been labelled as the ‘Group of Death’. Teams like Austria, Hungary, Albania and Turkey make their way back in a big tournament. Iceland may well turn out to be a surprise package. Also Read - France Suspends International Flights From South Africa For 48 Hours Due To New Covid Variant

DateGroup  Fixture
10-JunAFrance vs Romania
11-JunAAlbania v Switzerland
11-JunBWales v Slovakia
11-JunBEngland v Russia
12-JunDTurkey v Croatia
12-JunCPoland v Northern Ireland
12-JunCGermany v Ukraine
13-JunDSpain v Czech Republic
13-JunERepublic of Ireland v Sweden
13-JunEBelgium v Italy
14-JunFAustria v Hungary
14-JunFPortugal v Iceland
15-JunBRussia v Slovakia
15-JunARomania v Switzerland
15-JunAFrance v Albania
16-JunBEngland v Wales
16-JunCUkraine v Northern Ireland
16-JunCGermany v Poland
17-JunEItaly v Sweden
17-JunDCzech Republic v Croatia
17-JunDSpain v Turkey
18-JunEIceland v Hungary
18-JunFPortugal v Austria
19-JunFSwitzerland v France
19-JunARomania v Albania
20-JunASlovakia v England
20-JunBRussia v Wales
21-JunBNorthern Ireland v Germany
21-JunCUkraine v Poland
21-JunCCroatia v Spain
21-JunDCzech Republic v Turkey
22-JunFHungary v Portugal
22-JunFIceland v Austria
22-JunESweden v Belgium
22-JunEItaly v Republic of Ireland
Round of 16
25-JunRunner up Group A vs Runner Up Group C [Match 1]
25-JunWinner B vs Third Place A/C/D [Match 2]
25-JunWinner D vs Third Place B/E/F [Match 3]
26-JunWinner A vs Third-place C/D/E [Match 4]
26-JunWinner C v Third-place A/B/F [Match 5]
26-JunWinner F v Runner-up E [Match 6]
27-JunWinner E v Runner-up D [Match 7]
27-JunRunner-up B v Runner-up F [Match 8]
Quarter Finals
30-JunWinner Match 1 v Winner Match 3
1-JulWinner Match 2 v Winner Match 6
2-JulWinner Match 5 v Winner Match 7
3-JulWinner Match 4 v Winner Match 8
Semi Finals
6-JulWinner QF1 v Winner QF2
7-JulWinner QF3 v Winner QF4
10-JulWinner SF1 v Winner SF2