US Open 2019: Sumit Nagar is no more just a regular name, it is a name that will be heard many more times in the future. The 22-year-old gave 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer a scare by clinching the first set 6-4. The experienced Federer then had to come back from behind to put the match across the Indian in four sets. Nagar may have lost but he has created a massive fanbase after his performance against the legend. After the match, the anchor asked Federer if he at any time felt he was playing familiar foe Rafael Nadal and not Sumit Nagar. The anchor also said how the organisers had to replace ‘D’ with ‘G’ in the scoreboard. Federer chuckled after the question was asked and said, “It is created by media”.

Here is the video:

After the game, Federer on a light note said, “I Thought I Played Like my Beard Today, I Was Rusty”.

“Maybe it’s not a bad thing to go through a match like this. It was very similar at Wimbledon when I dropped the first set there, as well, in the first round,” said Federer.

“At the end you look at the last three sets, and they were good. That’s encouraging.”After the match Federer heaped praise on his opponent for the performance he managed to deliver on one of the sport’s biggest stages.”Never easy to come out and play your best. Even though it’s kind of what you live for, you dream about, playing on the big stage. So I think he did that very well,” said Federer.”He knows what he can bring. That’s why I think he’s going to have a very solid career.”