Ace pugilist Vijender Singh is willing to represent India at Tokyo Olympics next year but has made it clear he may not be fulfill the formalities required by the Boxing Federation of India. Vijender, who became the first Indian boxer to win an Olympics medal during the Beijing Games in 20018, turned professional in 2015, due to which he had to miss Rio Olympics in 2016.

However, with the International Boxing Association relaxing rules regarding professionals participating in the Olympics, Vijender is keen to add another Olympics medal to his glorious career. However, for Vijender to make it to Tokyo, he needs to spend a considerable amount of time at the national camp, something the boxer is not certain about committing to.

“I will try my best to reach the Tokyo Olympics but there are many terms and conditions, you have to stay in the camp for two, two-and-a-half months and a number of other formalities are involved,” Vijender told reporters. “I have done all that in the past, now I cannot fulfil all these conditions. I believe in straight talk, I do not like beating around the bush. Have 2-3 trials, if I go through, then fine, or else come back.”

Since turning professional Vijender has taken his tally to 12 wins and is yet to face a defeat. Last month, Vijender defeated former Commonwealth champion Charles Adam of Ghana to notch up his most recent win and the boxer revealed that his team is trying to set up his next bout in Dubai sometime next year.

Besides, Vijender weighed in on Wold Anti-Doping Agency’s decision to ban Russia from international events for covering up a large-scale doping scandal.

“It’s a good thing, penalties need to be imposed on those who do wrong by the game. They have sent a straight forward message that whoever violates WADA’s rules, will face the consequences,” he said.