Speaking about Team India’s new jersey captain Virat Kohli and former skipper MS Dhoni hailed the new fabric and the colour. Kohli and Dhoni were all praise for the new jersey as they felt it was ‘futuristic’. They also went on to hail the quality of the fabric used, which they felt were extremely comfortable. The two big cricketers felt positive about the new kit and were hoping that the fans like it too.

“What I really like about the jersey is the fabric. We may have had different designs but it is the fabric that makes you feel comfortable. As of now wearing it feels so comfortable that it seems we are not wearing anything. The new jersey how they have put the two-toned colour, it is like a futuristic design. Now, let’s see how well it gets accepted by the fans,” said Dhoni about the new kit.

Hailing the new jersey and how it was picked, Kohli said, “We wanted it to be sleek and it has to look a certain way. When we play an international sport an athlete needs to look a certain way in their playing kits. The designing bit was more to do with that. But coming to the practicality we wanted the jersey to be really light. The fabric is great and feels good on the skin. It’s breathable and is very light compared to the last one. It is much more comfortable on the body as well. The last one was not in the right place but this is much more stretchable. The advancements are huge.”