The job of the Indian cricket coach is one of the most coveted in the sport and according to a media report, Tom Moody, Virender Sehwag, Lalchand Rajput, Doda Ganesh, Richard Pybus and Anil Kumble have applied for the job. This is of course keeping in mind that Kumble, who has a one-year contract and is currently the Indian coach, has applied again. The deadline for applications was Wednesday.

The hot topic in Indian cricket currently is the alleged rift between captain Virat Kohli and Kumble. Eventually there is almost a conclusion that because of this, Kumble’s contract is not being renewed.

But top BCCI official Amitabh Chaudhary has played down reports of the rift by saying, “I cannot see any smoke at all. It’s a very simple issue. The appointment which was made last year was after a process has been gone through. And at the end of that process, an appointment was made for a period.”

He also added, “That period is coming to an end. So, the BCCI is just following a process. If you don’t follow a process, it’s not supposed to be good. And if you follow a process, it is supposed to be good.”