With ICC World Cup T20 2016, you will get to experience former Indian captain Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan together back for the match. Not on the pitch but as commentators! Yes, Sehwag and Zaheer featured in the ICC World T20 Hindi commentary commercial and we can;’t wait to see the two back on television.

Both Sehwag and Zaheer will be joining the legends in Hindi commentary. No you have another reason to rejoice this Worldcup season! After Sehwag retired from the international cricket he featured in the Masters Champion League in Dubai and won the tournament for his team. In the ad an intern is doing his bit of prepping Sehwag ahead of the commentary. The visibly nervous intern asks Sehwag to make sure not to be biased, to converse in Hindi and to control his emotions while delivering the commentary.

All this while Sehwag simply nods his head listening to the guy.When all of a sudden Zaheer breaks into laughter the poor intern is all worried and confused at the same time. Zaheer says Sehwag used to do the same when talking to the coach, but when on field, he used to do what he felt was right! Check out the video here.