A Mizoram volleyball player performing the twin responsibilities of a player and a mother has caught people’s attention on social media as she took a break in between her match to breastfeed her infant.

A picture taken on Monday during the Mizoram State Games 2019 of Lalventluangi, a member of Tuikum Volleyball, feeding her seven-month-old baby has gone viral. It was shared by a Facebook user going by the name of Ninglun Hanghal.

“A stolen moment to feed her 7 month old baby in between a game was captured making it the picture mascot of the Mizoram State Games 2019,” an excerpt from Ninglun Hanghal’s post reads.

“Lalventluangi, volleyball player from the Tuikum Volleyball Team got admitted into the Players Camp with her baby. The picture has gone viral with people lauding her for her attitude of dedication and courage taking along twin responsibilities of a sportswoman and motherhood in her stride.”

The powerful picture has won hearts across the internet with people commenting on the post and lauding Lalventluangi. Of those impressed was Mizoram Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte, who also tweeted the image and announced an award of Rs 10,000 for Lalventluangi.