Barcelona’s all-time top scorer Lionel Messi recently posted a video on his social media handle that taken the internet by storm. In what was an advertisement for a cola drink, the footballer performs an aim trick shot and the famous flip-challenge the bottle challenge at the same time.

Messi places the Pepsi bottle on the top of a football and aims the balls perfectly into the tire hoop – this may seem normal for a professional footballer but it does not end there, he strikes the ball in such a manner that the bottle takes a 360 turn and fall back right in place in a standing position.

Messi’s Trick Shot:

The other popular star pulling off such tricks is none other than the Egyptian star – Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool man also pulled off a similar strike where he aimed the ball into a hoop without even taking a look at where he is shooting – he only looks at the ball while shooting it- that is a difficult trick to do.

Mo Salah’s trick shot:

This is not the first time, footballers have awed the fans with their off-the-field trick shots. A few years ago, it was the free-kick specialist David Beckham who did something very similar but in a more difficult scheme of things – on a dessert with dustbins placed at very distant positions. However, the legendary Englishman made it look like a cakewalk and fans who witnessed that were left stunned.

David Beckham’s trick shot:

Now, fans on Twitter are trying to figure out which one aced all the tricks – well, we’ll leave that to yourself to decide.

While Beckham has long retired. Messi and Salah are two of the best performers among the contemporaries. Both the strikers are currently playing crucial roles for their respective clubs and are the top scorers in their leagues (Messi in La Liga and Salah in the Premier League).