Manacor, Spain: Rafael Nadal wins numerous hearts once again but this time by not winning a Grand Slam but sharing the Tennis court with a 97-year old man, by helping him fulfil his life-long dream of playing against the former.Also Read - Expecting a Long Battle With Rafael Nadal in Australian Open Quarters: Denis Shapovalov

Rafael Nadal Academy shared a video on social media, which shows a 97-year old man, Leonid Stanislavskyi playing with the 20-time Grand Slam winner. Stanislavskyi happens to be an amateur tennis player and has been competing in the circuit for a whooping 50+ years. Also Read - Australian Open: Denis Shapovalov Gets Past No. 3 Alexander Zverev; Sets Up Rafael Nadal Clash In Quarters

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”It is an elegant type of sport. It is good physical exercise. It is a beautiful game. And there is one more thing about tennis – you can play no matter what age you are,” Stanislavskyi said.

“When I was 95 years old, I felt much better than now People under 70 say: ‘Thank goodness I lived another year.’ People between 70 and 90 say: ‘Thank goodness I lived another month.’ I count every day and say: ‘Thank God I lived another day,” the amateur tennis player told.

Earlier this year, Stanislavskyi has also expressed a desire to face Roger Federer as well in the tennis court. We have to wait and see whether Federer shares the court with the 97-year old gentleman or not.