Racing cars which hit 186 mph were forced to brake when two kangaroos decided to take a stroll along the track during Australia’s Bathurst 12-Hour Endurance practice session this weekend.Also Read - Giant flying turkey bigger than kangaroos once roamed Australia!

The spectacular scenes took shape during the fifth and final practice session with around 30 drives on the Mount Panorama track in New South Wales. Also Read - 'Kangaroos cause more road accidents in Australia'

The racers flashed their lights while red flag was raised as they waited for the marsupials to move off the track. The kangaroos decided to take their leave only after 20 minutes, escaping without incident.

The commentators on the TV broadcast of the race did say that it was  a common occurrence and only those who haven’t watched the race regularly, will be surprised.

“For anyone who’s not raced here or in Australia before, it is a huge surprise. But it’s certainly not a new scenario for anyone who has been spectating here through the years, the past few decades. Every race, you’ve got to be mindful of it,” a commentator was quoted as saying by the British tabloid The Sun.

However, The Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 was unable to finish the opening round of the Intercontinental GT challenge after a collision with kangaroo that required long stop for repairs.

The team eventually retired from the race later on.

The accident happened three hours into the race when a kangaroo jumped right on the track in front of their car. The driver had little time to react resulting in a collision.

“We are very disappointed, as this is now the third time in a row that Bathurst has not proved to be our friend. We did make it further this year than in the past two years, but unfortunately our hard work once again went unrewarded. Thank you to the whole team for their effort, and to our fantastic drivers. We fielded a very strong team here and hope to come back stronger in the coming races. Generally we love to race in Australia. Having hit a kangaroo so badly this time makes us feel very sorry,” Team Manager Nick Königbauer was quoted as saying in a media release after the race.