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Canberra, Nov 18 When the top political leaders of India and Australia meet can cricket be far behind? With Prime Minister Narendra Modi by his side, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott set the ball rolling and fired the first shot, saying people in his country come to associate India with cricket. Also Read - Anticipating Backlash, BJP Turns Off 'Dislike' Button on YouTube Channel Amid PM Modi's Address to The Nation

Abbott made an early reference to cricket in his remarks at a joint press conference here today with Modi after their bilateral talks. Abbott also said Modi has “runs on the board” to meet the aspirations of the people. When Modi’s turn came to bat, he said: “We celebrate the legend of (Don) Bradman and the class of (Sachin) Tendulkar together.” Also Read - Government Working to Ensure Every Citizen Gets COVID-19 Vaccine: PM Modi in Address to Nation

“We are impressed by Australian speed as you are charmed by the Indian spin until of course Shane Warne came along!,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the Australian Parliament. Modi also wished success to Australia in hosting the World Cup cricket next year.