Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik recently revealed why India captain Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, and Azhar Ali were seen laughing during the post-match presentation of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. In the latest episode of ‘Voice of Cricket’ hosted by Zainab Abbas, Malik revealed that the laugh was over a catch drop. Pakistan was playing the Windies when Gayle skied a ball and Malik and Ajmal who were under the ball, no one got even a touch to it as it landed in no-mans land.

So, after the ICC Champions Trophy final 2017, Kohli apparently asked Malik what transpired between Malik and Ajmal said after the goof-up. “Catch to khair gir gaya us waqt. Woh tha bhi Chris Gayle ka catch. Aur woh hame peet bhi rahe the. Main usko kaha, ‘yaar! aapne joh yeh position banayi, ki mein catch karne laga hu, toh aap phir haath kyun peeche kar liye?,” Malik said he asked Ajmal. To which, Malik said “Woh kheta hai, mein aapke neeche iss liye baitha hua tha ki agar aap se catch chhot jayi, toh mein use neech se pakad lu.”

Here is the video where Malik narrates the episode.

The episode is again a testament to the good relation Indian cricketers shares with their Pakistan counterparts.

India had lost to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 finals.

But recently, when India locked horns with Pakistan, a Virat-less India beat the Men in Green twice and the Rohit Sharma-led team also went on to clinch the Asia Cup.