World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have an increasingly growing market in India and the company have hosted shows in Mumbai and Delhi, joined by Bollywood stars in the past. The Vince Mcmahon led company has been working extensively over the years to capitalize on the wrestling entertainment market in India.

Every year the company conducts shows and WWE superstars visit India. this year it was ‘the monster among men’, Braun Strowman who visited the country.

Bollywood stars like Varun Dhawan and Salman Kahan also met the Superstar wrestler who stands at six foot eight and weights at Four hundred and forty pounds.

However, the most eye-catching stint of his visit was when the monster offered his hand for palmistry to an Indian astrologer.

It is difficult to ascertain what the astrologer predicted for Strowman, but the superstar has the ability to bounce back from any obstacle, that is for certain.

Srowman had a difficult start to his career and work as a mechanic to make two ends meet. However, his determination and resilience in pursuit of his dreams landed him to the biggest wrestling entertainment company of the world.

During his visit to India, Strowman also met young athletes from the Special Olympics International, contest winners, and children’s hospital patients. The Monster also addressed the WWE’s talent recruitment strategy to find more talent in the country.