Dave Batista finally made his return to the ring after five years in a match against his old-rival Triple H at Wrestlemania 35 in the Metlife stadium in New Jersey. The match had high expectations but following a scrappy display, it has been labeled as unsuccessful as it failed to deliver in many aspects and the wrestlers were nowhere close to the level they were in the past. This may have been a flaw in the company’s part as well, with the 50-year-old Batista looking like he had completely lost touch with the ring – it was evident right from his entrance when he toppled over the ropes.Also Read - Rattlesnake Is Back! Stone Cold Comes Out of Retirement, Beats Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania 38 | Watch

49-year-old Triple H emerged victoriously in the match, aided by using his iconic sledgehammer. However, from a fan’s perspective, the match had failed in every aspect right from execution to entertainment. Also Read - Smackdown Celebrates Triple H's 25 Years in WWE

Patches of the highly-anticipated match was very evidently scrappy and the fans recorded the videos of it which is going viral on Twitter. The WWE has had a trend of going with aging veterans despite their continuous failure of delivering par expectations. Also Read - Triple H Apologises to Paige For "Out-Of-Line" Remark

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These veterans mostly belong from an era when the WWE had started to see a meteoric rise. Names like The Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Micheals, Triple H, Batista among others were some of the most sought after wrestlers and their matches were always of the highest levels, something the current generation of WWE stars have not been able to emulate. That is why the company, every once in a while banks on these superstars to return and create the atmosphere of the yesteryears again.

Earlier in the Crown jewels event which took place in Saudi Arabia, the match between the teams of Undertaker and Kane (Brothers of Destruction and Triple H and Shawn Micheals (DX) received a lot of flak on social media and was even titled as boring.

Although the WWE has been successful financially, more than it has ever been, their failure to create a mega star of the contemporary stars without banking on aged veterans is an issue they would want to tackle as fans seem to be getting worn out.