World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend and Hall of Famer took to social media to hint retirement from in-ring wrestling. The Olympic gold medalist spent 20 years in the wrestling entertainment fraternity – majorly WWE and TNA.
“20 years ago, I stepped foot into a WWE ring. I told myself back then I would only go 5 years. But because of the #WWEUniverse, I continued to keep wrestling, although I left WWE for 11 of the 20 years. It feels great being able to end my career where I started. #itstrue #wwe #thankyouwweuniverse,” he wrote on Instagram.
Although the wrestler was not an in-ring regular ever since his return from TNA, he mostly played the role of the General manager of WWWE”S weekly RAW, only making occasional appearances in the ring during special events. His latest encounter was against Baron Corbin and that ended in his favour.

Other than winning major titles at WWE, Kurt Angle has also won all the major accolades at the TNA. He is one of the very popular and re-known superstars in the wrestling entertainment field.