John Cena made his return to WWE on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night and challenged the AJ Styles for the WWE Championship belt at Royal Rumble. AJ Styles defeated Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin on the final episode of SmackDown Live to retain the WWE Championship.

Cena took time away from WWE after the No Mercy pay-per-view in October as he filmed appearances for FOX’s “American Grit.” Cena also hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in December.

He took the mic to announce that he has not ‘gone Hollywood’ and will return soon.

Styles wound up defending his belt against Corbin and Ziggler, meaning it’ll be a SummerSlam rematch between Cena and Styles at the Royal Rumble, which is scheduled for January 24, 2016. The triple threat match was the final bout to end the WWE calendar year for the main roster. Corbin’s presence was primarily to protect Styles, who is still recovering from an ankle injury suffered at TLC, but he impressed.

PWStream reported that John Cena and AJ Styles will be facing in a 2-out-of-3-falls match at Elimination Chamber. While it is not confirmed, it would be a likely rematch. However, putting the title on Cena at the Royal Rumble instead of Wrestlemania 33. While it would help create buzz about the massive Rumble at the Alamodome, which is expected to fill in over 60,000 seats.