The World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Wrestlemania event is already looking to be a very appealing pay-per-view show. The Grandest stage of wrestling entertainment will feature matches like Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar and Triple H vs Batista. Amidst some of the potential ‘match of The Year’ cards which has been lined up, Hall of Famer Mark Henry believes that the main event at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey should be between two former world champions – AJ Styles vs Randy Orton.

It will be interesting to see if WWE will actually go forward with this very interesting idea by Mark Henry. Styles and Orton are two of the best entertainers the wrestling-entertainment business has ever seen. The duo have won all the championships that the business has to offer and are among the most followed stars across the world. This card will bring a lot of traction and will actually help the WWE with their TRP.

With the Batista vs Triple H match already in place, this could very much be the showstopper match and something chairman Vince McMahon should take into consideration.

Mark Henry gave his statements in an interview in the episode of Busted Open Radio: “This is one of those matches that people look at and go ‘it’s not filler. These are both stars, both guys have been champion multiple times.” He would bring up the matches listed above but thinks this is the main event match. “Randy Orton is not on the Mount Rushmore yet but he’s slowly, slowly entering that top 15, top 10 of all time,” Henry stated.

”AJ Styles, from the time that he was an indie guy until he worked his way up and worked down south to now coming to the WWE. He did everything at every level that there is to do. He has become an elite champion, not just a champion but one of the guys who can carry the load. He has carried it for the last two years. So why wouldn’t this be in the conversation as the main event match at WrestleMania.”