AJ Styles was the centre of attraction for all the wrong reasons over in the WWE after he lost to Randy Orton on Tuesday. He gave a good verbal spray to co-owner Shane McMahon after losing his fight. He was not happy since the event was taken off air. Styles and WWE have a long history.

On Tuesday itself, Foxsports.com published an interview with Styles where he spoke about why he turned down an offer to join WWE back in 2002. He said, “I had a developmental deal to move to Cincinnati but at the time I was married and I didn’t think it was right to move to Cincinnati, even though my wife said, ‘go.’ It wasn’t right to leave her, have her move back in with her mother. My job is to take care of her.”

He further added, “And so I turned down, respectfully, the developmental deal with WWE. Then within like a couple of months TNA started up, which I thought was just another independent thing that was probably happening. It wasn’t a big deal to me.” Also Read-WWE Smackdown: John Cena beats Randy Orton as Luke Harper interferes in the fight

He also spoke about a theft that he had to encounter two months ago. He said, “It’s my fault. In the grand scheme of things it’s my fault. I was the last match on the show, and therefore I just wanted to leave, I wanted to get to the hotel and go to bed. And I left my bag in there. I dressed in this area, but my bag where I was playing my games was in another area, so I didn’t think about it and I just left.”