World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Brock Lesnar is scheduled to face Roman Reigns in the pay-per-view event ‘Summer Slam’, where he will defend his WWE Universal title.

On Monday Night’s episode of RAW, Brock Lesnar was out of control, “Do you have a problem with me? ‘Lesnar questioned the general manager of the show, Kurt Angle. Despite not getting any answer, let alone something provocative, ‘The beast’ took out Kurt Angle with his finishing manoeuvre, the F-five.

Lesnar also went on to take down his own mentor, Paul Heyman. He slammed him down on the ring and pointed towards Angle. Heyman was left fear struck screaming “it’s hurting, Brock.”

When Asked about his thoughts ahead of Summerslam, he even slammed the reporter and replied “I don’t have any thoughts on Summerslam, I am going to kick Roman Reign’ass”

The Summerslam matchup is a rematch of the Wrestlemania match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, where Lesnar emerged victoriously. Reigns will be looking to get retribution in the biggest event of the summer.