Is this the end of an era? Also Read - Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Found Dead on Los Angeles Beach

Well, it seems so as John Cena has sent the WWE universe into meltdown with a cryptic tweet that can very well be pointing towards a potential announcement about him retiring after WrestleMania defeat to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Also Read - Former WWE Champion John Cena Pays Tribute to Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor With Cryptic Posts on Instagram

“All things end. When it’s time to leave, leave them guessing,” Cena posted on his official twitter account. Also Read - WWE Raw Results: Rollins, McIntyre Make MITB Match Official, Jinder Mahal Returns

The 42-year-old Cena made his WWE debut in 2002 and rose to become one of the biggest superstars in the history of professional wrestling.

Such is his stardom that he was the face of WWE for over a decade with little to no challenge to his authority. He is a 16-time world champion, a record shared with another pro wrestling legend Ric Flair.

Recently, speaking on a podcast, Cena, who now spends most of his time making Hollywood movies, had claimed that WWE fan-base has become so diverse that you won’t see a a sole wrestler who will be the main draw now.

However, he did praise the current crop of wrestlers.

“SmackDown, Raw, NXT, you don’t have one person you go to see,”  he said on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast. “If you go to a show, you go to see eight or nine people. I don’t think there’s ever been more potential under one roof than right now. The Attitude Era was the era of universal popularity. The opening match had a definable storyline into the main event and everyone in-between had some sort of narrative. Now, we have a few loosely crafted narratives and some big storylines and a lot of matches for the sake of action. But I also believe that’s on the performers to make something out of that…I do think there’s never been more athletic talent under one roof than right now.”

,Whether there will be another Cena is a prospect best left for the future, the Doctor of Thuganomics  has surely left us guessing