World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Matt Hardy, who is on a promotional tour to India spoke about his bond with the Great Khali, and also about the rapidly growing WWE market in the country.Also Read - WWE: Xia Li – The Protector Debuts This Saturday on SmackDown

Matt Hardy also asserted that this is a great time for the aspiring Indian wrestlers to capitalize on the growing and more accessible market. He also revealed the difficulties that he and his brother Jeff Hardy faced, who together formed the iconic ‘Hardy Boyz tag team, which is arguably one of WWE’s all-time greatest, stating that the current scenario is easier and all athletes should consider this as a career option as WWE is looking out for Indian wrestlers to foster their huge market share in the country. Also Read - WWE RAW Results: Seth Rollins to Face Big E, Kevin Owens in Day 1 Pay-Per-View

Talking about his partnership with Dilip Rana Singh, better known as The Great Khali, Hardy said: “We teamed for a little while, in the late 2000s, during 2007, 2008, and it’s funny as he would like to do the old Hardy Boyz song. I called him ‘The Great Homie’, that was his nickname because he was my partner.” Also Read - WWE: Five Female Superstars to Watch Out For at Survivor Series 2021

The Great Khali has now retired and runs his own wrestling company in Punjab, but Matt Hardy has shrugged off suggestions that he is going to retire after several injury setbacks and reveals that he will return to the ring in the near future.

Hardy will visit the cities of Mumbai and Chennai during the course of his four-day promotional tour visit in the country.