World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Drew McIntyre made a second coming to the company in 2017 after being out for almost three years. During his time away, McIntyre wrestled across different franchises and that earned him a name in the industry, which fostered his return. He initially plied his trade with WWE’s NXT, where he achieved heights, becoming the champion and was soon promoted to RAW. Also Read - WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Announces She Will be Part of 2021 Women's Royal Rumble

McIntyre’s first stint in the company was also remarkable. He had an unbeaten run going during his first few months and the chairman Vince Mc Mahon had introduced him as the “future world champion”. That is where he earned his name as ‘the chose one’. Also Read - WWE RAW Legends Night Results: Goldberg Returns to Challenge Drew McIntyre

In a recent interview with Orlando Sentinel, McIntyre discussed his “return” to the WWE. Also Read - WWE Survivor Series 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Beats Drew McIntyre, Undertaker Gets His Final Farewell

“Triple H convinced me it was time to come home. I’m proud of the different man I became during my time away. I came back as the grown-up version of myself.”

He went on to reveal how the wrestlers in WWE have become complacent and are ready to sit back to earn their salaries.

“I looked at Raw [last winter] and I saw room for improvement. A lot of people there looked a little complacent, a little bit entitled, not giving their all, the way I used to look. But I worked very hard to take advantage of my opportunities, so I hoped I could come in and set an example,” said McIntyre.

The Scottish-based wrestler is now aiming to win the Universal title.

“Now all I need to do is become the first British heavyweight champion. I’m not shy to say that’s the goal. If it isn’t, why are you even here?” concluded McIntyre.