World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Barun Strowman is set to take on Baron Corbin at the upcoming special event Tables Ladders and Chairs event in a match with special stipulations. The pay-per-view show is set with ‘no-disqualification’ rules and has its name because of the wrestlers can go to any extent to come out victorious and even use tables, ladders, chairs and basically everything to eliminate their opponent.
The monster amongst men will take on Baron Corbin, and as stated by Stephanie McMahon the latter will have to emerge victorious in order to keep his place as the RAW General Manager secure.

According to CageSideSeats, the rumors earlier hinted that Strowman would miss out on the match against Corbin and would be replaced by Bray Wyatt but now Strowman is set for the much-anticipated match between the two giants.

The WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs event will take place at the SAP Center in California on December 16.