Dean Ambrose will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE World Title in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match at Smackdown’s TLC event on December 4. The Lunatic Fringe earned his championship opportunity by beating Styles in singles action on the blue brand on early November-after James Ellsworth provided a timely distraction.

However, whatever happens, the match is bound to be spicy, with Ambrose and Styles’ rivalry will be one of the best while they wrestled at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

The duo backbites each other as a result Ambrose suffered an early elimination, before he returned to the fry later on attack Styles and , with help of former Shield pals Roman and Seth Rollins, put him through  an announce desk.

So now the question is whether Ambrose will regain or Styles retain in Dallas when the only way to win is by scaling a ladder and grabbling the belt hanging above the ring.

The show will be telecast live on the USA Network from 8 pm onwards with the Talking Smack show. In India, the live streaming will be available at 5.30 am tomorrow on the Ten 2 Network.  With no new rivalries are supposed to take place. The WWE World Title match is all set as we all know Dena Ambrose will take on AJ Styles in TLC match. Both of them nearly cost their team the Survivor Series match by going for each other’s throat.

The situation of the time brings us to the Undertaker’s warning from last week, if anybody decides to go against team blue, he must face the wrath of the Deadman.

Meanwhile, mush talk already aired regarding Nikki Bella who was unable to compete at Survivor Series due to an attack from a mysterious person. But she should get a match either against Nattie or Carmella at the TLC.