World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is set to face Finn Balor at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, however, he will not feature in the RAW episode the following day. According to several reports, Lesnar has not been advertised for the episode on Monday night RAW, which suggests that he will again be absent for the weekly event.

Lesnar has been often criticised by his co-wrestlers at WWE, regarding his absence despite being the title holder. However, the former UFC star only makes his appearances on a contract basis, which is a limited number of appearances as opposed to the regular contract.

Fin Ballor will be taking on the Beast for the first time in a pay-per-view event, but initially, it was Strowman, who was scheduled for the title clash against Lesnar.

In the RAW episode a couple of weeks ago, the ‘monster amongst men’ destroyed chairman Vince McMahon’s limousine and the repercussions ensued. The wrestler was fined of $100,000 and stripped off the opportunity to challenge Lesnar for the coveted title.

The episode opened with Strowman looking for Baron Corbin in his typical furious state. Corbins hid in a limousine, and Strowman not realizing that the luxury car belonged to Vince Mcmahon destroyed it. Strowman chased Corbin because of the remarks made by the latter stating he was not capable of defeating Lesnar.

After Strowman’s disqualification, a match was scheduled to define the replace number one contender for the universal title match against Lesnar in which Balor emerged victoriously. He pinned John Cena in a fatal-four-way match against Corbin and Drew McIntyre to earn the opportunity for the title clash at Royal Rumble.