Dec 24: Rock and his partner, Mankind (Mick Foley) are the WWF Tag Team Champions. Undertaker and Big Show team up to defeat the champions in a Buried Alive match in a weekly episode of WWF Smackdown. Unlike all the other Buried Alive matches, this match was on a weekly show rather than a Pay Per View. To make the match even more fraught with stars, the match also had Triple H. (ALSO READ: WWE: Brock Lesner, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 32 again?) Also Read - WWE WrestleMania 36, Day 1 Full Results: The Undertaker Beats AJ Styles; Braun Strowman Decimates Goldberg

A Buried Alive match is something that we rarely see in today’s WWE anymore. The matches were a no holds barred match where the victor wins by literally burying his opponent in the grave. These matches are brutal and most of them usually have either of the two Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker or Kane featured. Rock n Sock connection, the team of Rock and Mankind tries to get an early advantage in the match but soon the sheer might and looming size of the Big Show gains the upper hand. Also Read - WWE Elimination Chamber Results: Undertaker Chokeslams AJ Styles Again, Shayna Baszler New No. 1 Contender

The match is best known for many things: prominent amongst them is the 15 foot toss into the open grave that Mankind made after being thrown by Big Show. However, the toss was not perfect and Mankind landed just short of the distance. Nonetheless, that one act in the match is typical Mick Foley, purely reckless with his body to provide the audience with some spectacular moments. (ALSO READ:WWE: Triple H reassures fans on rumoured ISIS attack on Survivor Series ) Also Read - WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Full Results, Match Highlights: The Undertaker Returns; 53-Year-Old Goldberg Beats Bray Wyatt For Universal Championship

Another surprise was Triple H, the WWF champion then. He actually was the one who buried Mick Foley and not Undertaker or Big Show. He had already thrashed The Rock backstage, Undertaker was already down and the only one who remained was the Big Show who was shoveling dirt over a knocked over Mankind. Triple H sneaked behind Big Show and smacked Big Show on the head with the sledgehammer. He actually swung the sledgehammer on the neck of Big Show, not like how he hits other wrestlers now. Big Show just floored like a sack of potatoes after that.

The biggest and best surprise came after the match ended and Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared. An unexpected return of the fan favorite superstar wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin made the crowd go crazy. He beat up Triple H and then beat him some more. He took the WWF champion away and tackled the ambulance with a car outside the arena. (ALSO READ: WWE celebrates Undertaker’s 25 years: Fan art tribute on Twitter )

The match is one of the best Buried Alive matches of all time and your nostalgia goggles will make you fall back into love with wrestling again. The superstars are how you loved them, they hit like they used to and there was no disqualifications. The fans cheered louder with every punch like you used to when you watched Rock and Mankind vs Undertaker and Big Show.Click to see the video to watch and enjoy the match again!