World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Wrestler ‘R-Truth'(in-ring name) returned to wrestling after being out injured for almost a year pertaining to two severe shoulder injuries. Also Read - Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Found Dead on Los Angeles Beach

Ronald Ron Killings aka ‘R-truth’ posted pictures of his shoulder surgery on his Instagram post captioned, “This is the amount of floating bones that had to be removed from my shoulder.” Also Read - Former WWE Champion John Cena Pays Tribute to Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor With Cryptic Posts on Instagram

The pictures showed severe injuries of his displaced shoulder and it’s extremely disturbing. Also Read - WWE Raw Results: Rollins, McIntyre Make MITB Match Official, Jinder Mahal Returns

#thazendurance This is the amount of floating bone that was removed my shoulder.

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“I got into this business is because I love this business. I’ve been gone for almost a year due to two shoulder injuries. WWE Universe, I’m back!” Truth wrote in the post.

Although R-truth lost his previous match against Samoa Joe, the injuries sustained is a testimony of what wrestlers go through in their profession.

“But it’s fake, it’s staged”, people may argue. Regardless of the choreographed acts in entertainment wrestling, the pain endured by the wrestlers is very real. The injuries are all real, these wrestlers jump of twenty feet high cages and get beaten up by chairs, ladders, tables, barbed wires and everything under the sun to entertain fans.

So fans, next time someone says “But it’s fake”, you go show them this!