WWE Superstar Kane was the most recent guest on Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions podcast, in which the Big Red Machine spoke at length about his in-ring career while recalling dozens of anecdotes. Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, revealed how The Undertaker, his reel-life brother, helped with the famous pyro and also what went in his mind when the character had to unmask. Also Read - WWE Survivor Series 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Beats Drew McIntyre, Undertaker Gets His Final Farewell

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Before he debuted as Kane, Jacobs briefly wrestled as Dr. Isaac Yankem, Jerry Lawler’s personal dentist. As Yankem, Jacobs had a one of one match with The Undertaker, which in all probability was a dull affair. Jacobs revealed that after the match, the Phenom had a word for him, offering him a fresh perspective towards professional wrestling.

“I had a match with Taker when I was Isaac Yankem and he basically said ‘Dude look, if you want to stay here you’re going to have to start being a lot more aggressive.’ He was like, it was an awful match and I remember that and that was kind of like when I was at my lowest and that really helped me out a lot because I was just like, ‘Gosh this guy’s invested enough to talk to me about this,” thing I also realized I think that we could do business together if I was to get my act together,” Jacobs revealed.

The Trademark Pyro

Jacobs Also revealed The Undertaker had a role to play in coming up with Kane’s Pyro. The Undertaker used to lift his arm up to bring the lights on, hence the Phenom suggested that since Kane’s character is the exact opposite, he should bring his arms down which would trigger the fire explosion from the ring posts. Kane’s relation with fire had a lot of impact since as per the storyline, he was scarred from the fire that burned down the funeral home.

“Everything Kane does is the opposite of The Undertaker so you know and you notice there I didn’t do it like later in my career I get into it you know, right there I just come down,” Kane revealed.

The 2003 Unmasking

After six years, Kane’s character had to unmask. It was at an episode of Monday Night Raw during the main event at Madison Square Garden in which Kane would square off against Triple H in the main event and as per the speculation, if lost, the Big Red Machine would have to take the mask off and show his face to the world. Kane explained how a major chunk of that angle was done to surprise his wife, who by the way, was in favour of his long hair, which eventually was chopped off in the most bizarre way

It’s wild, yeah,” he said of the unmasking. “I actually was a little nervous, though, because I hadn’t told my wife about this, and my wife loved my long hair, and I wanted her to see it and be shocked just like everybody else, and she was.”

Burning His Arm

Kane has hardly been in any WWE’s mishaps, but the one accident he had was during his early run. During the first-ever inferno match with Undertaker, he burnt a portion of his hand in the middle of the contest. Kane’s left arm, covered with a protective gear, was put on fire but the other arm, but due to carelessness, his other arm got legitimately burnt.

“The only time that I ever really did anything to myself was the very first one and it was completely my fault, I was selling the one hand and the other hand it touched the apparatus which was like a hot stove. Never the less you got about three feet away from those flames dude and that was the closest you wanted to get,” said Kane.