CM Punk has come up with a ruthless response to The Miz’s dig at the Straight-Edge Superstar. Punk has never shied away from expressing his thoughts but in this particular case, the former WWE superstar seems to have retorted to an ultra-aggressive measure.

When Punk first made his appearance on WWE backstage, a show which airs on Fox, he said: “Just when you know you have the answers, I change the culture.” The Miz was the latest WWE Superstar to appear on the show and while signing off, mocked Punk.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t change the culture,” he said.

But turns out the comment was not taken too kindly by Punk, who took a sharp swipe at the A-Lister. “Go suck a blood money covered D*ck in Saudi Arabia you f****ng dork,” he tweeted.

Punk’s tweet comes in reference to WWE staging a show in Saudi Arabia, despite of how the country handled the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. The incident raised questions over whether the WWE should conduct the show called Crown Jewel in the country, with many voicing against it. The WWE, however went ahead with the Pay Per View in November 2018, but without superstars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan, who had reportedly pulled out of the event.

Punk has since deleted the tweet but not before it created a ripple on social media. Due to WWE’s ongoing relations with Saudi Arabia, it is unknown whether it was the WWE or FOX, who perhaps could have asked him to take down the tweet.

Nearly six years after his departure from the WWE in 2014, Punk returned on the company’s programming when he appeared on WWE Backstage in November. During his first stint, Punk had a hot run for the WWE for eight years – his best being between 2012 and 2013 when he held the WWE Championship for 434 days, the sixth-longest in history.