When Shayna Baszler appeared out of nowhere and bit a chunk of flesh off Becky Lynch’s neck, you knew at that moment that this was going to be The Man’s gravest challenge so far of her wrestling career. The situation further aggravated when Baszler dominated the Elimination Chamber and earned the right to face Lynch at WrestleMania 36. Also Read - WWE's Kayla Braxton Tests Positive For Coronavirus For Second Time, Deactivates Twitter Account After Cyberbullying

The Man is closing in on completing one year as the Raw Women’s champion but standing between it is The Queen of Spades, who is nothing like Lynch has ever seen before. Days before the Showcase of the Immortals, Baszler sat down for an interview, where she made it crystal clear that for her, priority is to inject a sense of reality into the world of professional wrestling and she intends on doing it by making a beeline out of Lynch. Also Read - WWE Legend Undertaker Announces Retirement, Says Has 'No Desire to Get Back in The Ring'

“I think that Becky Lynch and her fans included have gotten so used to seeing fake that for her to stand in a ring and talk about everything I do becoming a lie. I’m about to show what happens when reality hits you. Everybody is going to get hit with a hard dose of reality, which is me,” Baszler said. Also Read - WWE Releases Jack Gallagher on Allegations of Sexual Assault

Baszler made an immediate impact at the inaugural MAE Young Classic tournament, reaching the final and eventually bagging a WWE contract in 2017. From winning the NXT Women’s Championship up next at TakeOver: New Orleans, Baszler has set her sights on a bigger prize, the Raw Women’s title.

“It’ll crush Becky Lynch. She wants to talk about my while life being a lie. But I think fans have gotten used to wrestling being a certain way and I come from an upbringing that wrestling should be in a certain different way. Fans are familiar with the way I wrestle and I’m here to show them a little bit of reality,” she said.

Should Baszler beat Lynch at the Performance Center, she believes she will finally be able to make people familiar with a style of fighting that goes beyond the norm of pro wrestling.

“This is real. This is what happens when you get into a fight with someone that you shouldn’t. This is what happens when you put a small animal in a lion’s den and the lion wants to play with him,” Baszler explained.

“Having the Raw Women’s title isn’t so much about I having burning desire to be the top lady. But for me it’s like a burden and lift it off, I need to show people what reality is. And if I have the title, everyone’s forced to look at it.”

Baszler is one of the rare WWE female athletes with a background of MMA. She was part of the MMA Four Horsewomen faction alongside the likes of Ronda Rousey. Looking back at her journey from an ardent wrestling fan to becoming a MMA performer to a WWE Superstar, the Queen of Spades highlighted the impact of Rousey and her mother on her career.

“There was a time where I was living with Ronda, we were all living in a house in Venice and I’ve always been a fan of wrestling. It was either Raw or Smackdown that I was watching and Ronda’s mom came over and everyone gets up, except me because I was fully enthralled into what was going on in the screen. She looks at me and she goes like ‘you’re not watching this, you’re studying this’,” Baszler reminisced.

“I was wrestling before Ronda, so it’s not so much that necessary but definitely Ronda set the four of us up in a way that we could concentrate on being exactly what we are. She would go do training for MMA and then hit the gym, setting an example for us.”