Drew McIntyre is close to realising his dream of being the WWE champion, when he takes on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. No longer taking place at the Raymond James Stadium due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE’s showpiece event has been moved at the Performance Centre and even though there wouldn’t be any live audience, McIntyre is fiercely determined to take down the Beast Incarnate in a match that he claims will be extremely physical. Also Read - Road Dogg, WWE Hall of Famer, Hospitalised After Heart Attack

McIntyre said he expects his contest with Lesnar to be more like a brawl than an actual wrestling match. For the Scottish Psychopath, this is a shot at redemption, to culminate his 19-year-old wrestling journey, that saw him debut in the WWE back in 2008 as the Chosen One and turn into an afterthought as part of the 3MB. Also Read - The Great Khali to be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021

“Had it been at the Raymond James Stadium, I’d have said since Brock and I are physical competitors, people could have expected a physical match would have been remembered for a long time. But now the fact that we’re in the Performance Centre, there’s nobody there. For the millions watching at home, realistically, this is going to more like a bar fight. Brock and I are going to go in there. We’re two strong performers who don’t mind to hit or be hit,” McIntyre said. Also Read - WWE SmackDown Results Today: Daniel Bryan Beats Jey Uso in Steel Cage Match to Set up Universal Championship Clash Against Roman Reigns at Fastlane

This is the first time that WrestleMania will be without live audience, and while that is a bummer by every stretch of imagination, it is after all, the biggest wrestling extravaganza. The big match card has been split across two days, with Edge vs Randy Orton and Undertaker vs AJ Styles possessing all the credentials of being blockbuster matches. However, there is one match in particular, which McIntyre insists is worth watching Mania despite roadblock it faces this year.

“I think there are a number of reasons to watch WrestleMania this year. We’re all very proud and we’re bringing everybody unique content in these difficult time to take everybody’s minds off everything. We’ve got some big matches – Roman Reigns fighting Goldberg for the Universal title, that’s very exciting. Edge, he’s returned after nine years, for a personal, bitter rivalry with Randy Orton. That’s a very big deal,” he said.

“But most importantly, Drew McIntyre is finally at the pinnacle of his 19-year-quest for the WWE championship. All I have to do is beat Brock Lesnar and with people sending all the positive energy, I’m going to stick it up to the Beast.”

For McIntyre, winning the Royal Rumble remains one of the most pivotal moments of his career. Entering No. 16, McIntyre eliminated Lesnar with a Claymore Kick when the Beast had tossed out 13 consecutive opponents. Since his return to the WWE, McIntyre has been on a hot run, winning the NXT championship before being drafted onto the main roster. Throughout last summer, McIntyre and Roman Reigns tore down the house across multiple matches, which he claims, prepared him for his big Royal Rumble moment.

“My lasting thoughts, and that is going to be my forever thought that I eliminated Brock Lesnar when he was being The Beast and running roughshod over everybody. Then I went on to win it by eliminating my last year’s rival Roman Reigns, the No. 1 guy right now,” McIntyre added.

“It’s just crazy to think of the journey I’ve been on. I was on the first ever Andre The Battle Royal as an afterthought, and knowing how much hard work went into the last six years, it’s pretty wild to know that from that, I am going into the main event fighting for the WWE title.”

If McIntyre wins the big on at Mania, he will become the first World Champion of British origin.

“I don’t think I have the words for it. Personally, it would mean the world. Like I said, I’ve had visions of how it’d go with tens and thousands of people cheering and my friends and family being in attendance. But right now, looking at the bigger picture, I have got the biggest opportunity to fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania with my 19-year-journey coming to a full circle. It’s not the ideal scenario but I hope we get people emotionally invested,” he pointed out.