In today’s era of professional wrestling, not much is confidential anymore. Storylines are exposed and returns are put up as spoilers on the internet and social media. Yet, when Edge’s music hit at the 2020 Royal Rumble, it put the fans and the wrestling world alike into a frenzy. In a time where crowd reactions are next to dead, the decibel levels were so high that it eclipsed the Rated-R Superstar’s theme song. Also Read - Road Dogg, WWE Hall of Famer, Hospitalised After Heart Attack

And why wouldn’t it? Edge had successfully managed to achieve the father of all comebacks, returning to a WWE ring for the first time in nine years, overcoming a triple-fusion surgery that put him into retirement in 2011. You could see it in Edge’s eyes when he entered the Rumble No. 21. It was an emotional and a surreal moment for Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland, who had dreamt of being a pro wrestler as far as he can remember. Also Read - The Great Khali to be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021

In these nine years away from the WWE, the Hall of Famer became a wonderful husband to Beth Phoenix, an adorable father to two beautiful girls Lyric and Ruby and played a Viking named Kjetill. All that, knowing that his in-ring career was finished, with absolutely no idea there was light at the end of the tunnel. Also Read - WWE SmackDown Results Today: Daniel Bryan Beats Jey Uso in Steel Cage Match to Set up Universal Championship Clash Against Roman Reigns at Fastlane

“For me, I had to very quickly wrap my mind around the idea that WWE and wrestling was done for me in 2011. If I didn’t except what everyone told me is that ‘you can’t do this’, i think it would have been very unhealthy. So I needed very quickly to find things to do and move on with life and try and close that chapter.” Edge said ahead of WrestleMania, where he faces Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match.

“As the years passed, I was feeling really good and started putting the work in that I saw would be needed to come back. To go through the whole process and getting the clearance to come back it was such a challenge. So then it became the task to come back and do something no one had ever done back – return from a triple-fusion surgery. Once I got back into the fold, that night at the Royal Rumble is when it all started to get real.”

Two months since his return at the Rumble, the Rated-R Superstar still struggled to wrap his head around the moment. And when he entered the ring, it was like he hadn’t missed a beat. Edge speared his way into the final three of the match before being eliminated by Roman Reigns, but it was barely a footnote compared to the bigger picture of getting back into the squared circle.

“It was all just a whirlwind thing. I got on in a private jet, it was all secretive – they shuttled me in and threw me in the dressing room. And it wasn’t until I got back home and it hit me that it’d actually happened. All of that work put in, it paid off. Ok, now we’re back and we’re doing this thing,” Edge explained.

“From a creative point of view, that was so exciting because I just love telling stories. I love being involved in the storytelling process. That’s what I get off on. So to get back and be in the WWE where I am given that opportunity to be involved in that aspect, I love that process.”

The former World Champion revealed how for the first time he felt nerves in his entire wrestling career. Moments before he went out in front of the crowd, Edge ran into three of his closest confidantes, whom he reveals, relaxed him.

“I don’t know if I’ve still wrapped my head fully around it. I’ve always said that I’ve never been nervous before performance because of there’s one place in the world where I knew where I was fully confident in all of the variable, it was inside the wrestling ring. I never felt nerves,” he said.

“However, at the Royal Rumble, that was the first time I ever felt nerves. I wasn’t sure what to do with those nerves. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs and gotten a good luck from Beth and Christian but it was Shane Helms (The Hurricane), who saw a look in my way and told me ‘Hey man, you’ve done this a thousand times before, just go crash it’. And it was so nice to have that close circle of friends because there are so many new guys in the company now that I don’t know.

“Once the music hit, then it was just… you can’t explain it, you can’t do justice, no way to explain it. This melting pot of things just came together, this perfect storm… nine years off after being forced to retire, it’s a story that’s never happened before. And to be in the centre of that is just overwhelming. Still surreal.”