Roman Reigns has withdrawn from his Universal Championship match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 as he does not feel comfortable wrestling with his history of illness. Reigns was diagnosed with Leukemia for the second time in his life in October 2018 and having defeated the disease, The Big Dog returned to the WWE in February of 2019. Also Read - Akshay Kumar Vs The Undertaker For A 'Real Match'? Khiladi Kumar Has This Hilarious Response

Performing in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic is a risk Reigns at officials are not willing to take as it is believed his immune system may not be strong enough yet. Also, the fact that some of the other superstars – including The Miz and Daniel Bryan – are also concerned about their spot on the card. Also Read - WWE Icon John Cena Posts Picture of India Skipper Virat Kohli on Instagram

With WWE without one of their biggest superstar in their biggest show of the year, it is being reported that Braun Strowman will take Reigns’ spot in the Universal title picture at Mania 36 and multiple sources suggests that the match has already been taped between the reigning Universal champion and The Monster Among Men. An angle between the two is expected to be shot setting up their title match at Mania. Also Read - Akshay Kumar Shares Hilarious Meme on When He Defeated Renowned WWE Wrestler Undertaker

Reigns was first diagnosed with Leukemia in 2007 during his NFL career before going into remission two years later. The conditions returned 11 years later in 2018, only for Reigns to emerge victorious again. But having twice gotten struck down by Leukemia, its treatment weaken the body’s immune system.

The window opens for Strowman to win his third title on the WWE main roster since becoming part of it in 2015. He has won the tag team title and very recently the Intercontinental title before losing it back to Sami Zayn. The Monster Among Men has in the past been in the Universal title picture against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Reigns himself, but was never able to get over the line.