Amid speculations of The Undertaker returning to WWE Programming soon ahead of his potential WrestleMania match against AJ Styles, it appears as if The Deadman is likely to make an appearance sooner than expected. Two days before WWE Super Showdown in Riyadh, the Phenom appeared to have landed in Saudi Arabia, leading many to believe that the sure-to-be Hall of Famer will indeed appear at the event in some capacity. Also Read - WWE RAW Results Today: Bobby Lashley Defeats The Miz to Become New WWE Champion; Braun Strowman Loses Tag Team Championship Match

In a video released by the WWE, The Undertaker is seen arriving along with the rest of the crew, including Bray Wyatt and his rumoured Wrestlemania appearance. A former World Champion, Taker is also scheduled for the March 9 edition of Monday Night Raw, where he is expected to start his build-up to the Styles feud. So what exactly could The Undertaker’s role be on Thursday? Your guess is as good as ours. Also Read - WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Full Results: The Miz Wins WWE Championship, Roman Reigns Retains Universal Championship

Usually, Undertaker at this point in his career, is reserved by WWE for special occasions. He last wrestled at WWE Extreme Rules, mainly to bury the memory of his awful match against Goldberg at Crown Jewel. WWE is usually a sucker for using superstars of yesteryear for major events, and make no mistake, every Pay Per View in Saudi Arabia is a big deal for the WWE as the crowd there themselves expect to see part-time wrestlers performed. Also Read - WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Full Results And Match Updates: Edge Wins Men's Rumble

If Shawn Michaels could come out of retirement for a match in Jeddah, Undertaker wrestling one of his two matches a year is definitely a certainty. Which brings us to the question – how and when will the WWE plan Taker’s return. The situation most suited for him will be for him to interfere in the Gauntlet match for the Tuwaiq Trophy, which Styles is a part of.

The OC takes out rest of the members, setting the platform for a Styles win. And just when The Phenomenal One sets his opponent up for the Styles Clash, GONG… the lights go out and Undertaker is in the ring. He takes out all three members of the OC allowing one of the superstars to pin Styles and cost him the match. The following Monday, Styles addresses the Undertaker, and challenges him to a match at Wrestlamania 36, before the Phenom returns the next Monday and accepts the proposal.